Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My love/hate Relationship With Summer

Every summer I go through this. My mind switches back and forth as to whether or not I like summertime. So many things to like, so many things to dislike. Let me show you what I mean.

What I like:
1. Not having to get up so early to get the kids to school on time.
When school is in session I have to get up at 5:50 in order to get to the gym before they need to get up to get ready for school. When there is no school, I can sleep at least an extra hour. It's precious to me.

2. Spending more time with the kids.
It's fun to have time to go do things like the park, baseball games, swimming, vacations all that stuff.

3. Twilight
No, not the movie or books! Evenings in Idaho in the summer are wonderful! It feels good to be outside, it smells good, it's usually peaceful.

4. Cookouts
Summer is the perfect time to have hotdog roasts, or bbqs or just having people over for a potluck. You can be outside to enjoy the food and the kids can play and it's just an overall good time.

5. Backyard Movie nights
This is a discovery from last year. We don't need the drive-in (although it always fun to do that too). We just have it in our own in the backyard and it's so much fun!

6. Yard Sales!
I love to go to yard sales. There is just something about going to find items you need (or not so much) at such great prices in the early morning hours that I just LOVE!

7. Family
It just seems like summer is the time to see family. Wouldn't you agree?

What I Dislike:
1. Heat
I hate to be hot. I'm okay as long as the temp's stay below 85, but anything hotter than that and I become a crabby, sweaty, monster woman. I hate it when you hit that time when it's really hot in the day and then it never really cools off at night. It just zaps my energy.

2. Spending more time with my kids
No, it's not a misprint. It's also in the "likes". I do like to spend more time with my kids, but I just get to the point every summer where I want my life back. I want to be able to go somewhere and not have 3 little shadows. I'd like to have some time in the day where I don't have to hear the bickering because they are sick of each other. I'd like to go to the dang grocery store to get a gallon of milk and not have to say 500 times no we aren't getting that!! (Okay, deep breath. I'm fine)

Summers just get a little out of control sometimes with the baseball games, the family reunions, the bbqs, the swimming lessons, the get-togethers that seem to happen every week. They are all fun, good, things, but they keep my life BUSY!

4. Ben's job
Don't get me wrong. I actually love Ben's job. He works for a great firm, with great people, and loves what he does. But he is the busiest in July. We don't see much of him. He's gone for 12 hours a day sometimes. It get's pretty hard after awhile. I always know that it will end so we just deal with it, but it's still part of why I dislike the summer. I'm a single mom for a month.

5. "I'm Bored"
I reeeeally hate those words. All those mom's out there know that that sentence is almost like cussing. You're WHAT!! It's summer! Go outside and play! Ride you bike, go to your friends house, read, whatever, but don't tell me you are bored. I think the kids get out of school and don't have a clue how to entertain themselves and then it's supposed to be my job to keep them happy. I can only do so much you know. Please summer end so I can send these kids back to school!!

So looking back at the list, I guess the LIKES win after all. I guess I actually like summer more than I dislike it. I'll just have to remind myself of that when I'm running around town with my three little bickering, bored children sweating like a pig. :)


cam said...

School should last just a month longer and "summer" should be in December and January...but nobody ever consults the moms when these decisions are being made!!

Odelsa said...

So I really love Summers but I do agree with you...the kids saying they are bored drives me nuts! My biggest problem with Summer is that it is too short!

brooke said...

I totally agree!!! I really hate it when the kids tell me I'm bored too!!!

Maecy said...

Boy oh boy am I the mean mom. My kids will probably be glad to go back to school. Any time I hear "I'm bored" they have to pick a job off the job chart. Other than that, it has been pretty great. I sure miss you. Make yourself busier and plan a trip down!