Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hey, it's Darcy! (:

Hey! (: I'm 'hacking' momma's account! Just wanted to say hi and apologize that she hasn't posted in a millennium. She probably won't notice. She's forgotten all about you guys! (I blame Instagram!)

Here's the update: 

I'm eleven years old, going into 7th grade. I'm also going into Young Women's on August 28. I got the Hope of America award during the school year, as well as a couple more *cough*. I graduated DARE and will be in the parade for it! I haven't been into sports as much anymore, though I tried volleyball during the school year. It was really, but I guess sports aren't really my thing. Speaking of sports...

Max is 9 years old, going into fourth grade. He finished the school year with amazing grades, thanks to his great teacher, Mrs. Berg. He is in the Cub Scouts program, as a bear. He really enjoys it. He just had his last baseball game of the season yesterday. His team, The Red Sox, did so well! They are a skilled bunch of kiddos! He's planning on doing football in the fall. He's going to have a great group of cheerleaders cheering very loudly for him. Speaking of loud... 

Eliza is 6 years old, going into first grade. Kindergarten taught her a lot about behaving, but she's still very talkative. She enjoys dancing, singing, and pretending. It's quite amusing, actually. She'll be doing swimming this year and dancing during the school year, which will be quite the show! Based on the 'shows' I see from her, she's quite the dancer! She's still as crazy as ever and driving everyone else around her crazy too. 

Here's the scoop on the fam...

We recently moved into a new house, still in Idaho Falls. It's a nice house, and we were very excited to move! The house is bustling with the business of 4th of July week! Add a wedding shower, an actual wedding, a granddaughter party, and you've got one huge load of stuff going on! 

So, here's the update on our life from Darcy, since mother has been MIA. (Can't blame her, I told you how busy we were!) 

The Ritchie Clan 

And Holli and Ben! (I'm not allowed to take photos of them... pfft grownups) 

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm additcted

They say the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. Well, this is me, admitting that I have a problem. Okay, I don't just have one problem. I have several. I have observed that I, in fact, have several addictions that invade my life.

1. Diet Coke. This has been a "problem" for me since I was about 16. As soon as I had the car to take me there, I was hitting the Walkers gas station to get myself a 32 oz diet coke at least twice a week. (I know right now my mom is reading this and shaking her head in disapproval. She hates that most of her family can't resist the caffeinated beverage.) And except for about a two year stint where I swore off pop, I havent't really changed. And now that so many places have drinks for a buck, the are really feeding this habit for me! I just can't resist an ice cold diet coke (especially if it's got crushed ice.)

2. Popcorn. (This very often accompanies #1.) I love me some buttery, salty popcorn. At the movies, at home on my couch watching my favorite shows, an afternoon snack. You see? Its a real probelm. And after eating almost an entire bag of white cheddar popcorn by myself last night, I think I may have discovered why I can't seem to loose weight.

3. Playing games on my phone. All day long I am checking my phone to see if anyone has played their games with me. Hanging with Friends, Words with Friends, Draw Free. There is also Angry birds, Chicken Ninja and Hungry spider. That is so embarrassing to list them all and see how bad I've gotten! I will make a disclaimer here that it's not all I do all day. But when I have a spare minute, it's the first thing I do.

4. Sales. If you put a sign up that says "50%" off or even better "take and additional ___% off" I am so there. If you have anything for $5 or under, I will buy it. Even if I don't need it. That's just too good to pass up people!! Give me 2 for 1 and I can't resist. Clearance racks are my friend. I almost never (and I really do mean that) buy anything at full price. I just can't do it. The one exception is food. Other that than it better be on sale.

5. Looking for things that can legitimately get me out of housework. Okay, that ones not for real, but I bet my husband thinks so since my house is usually messy. I just don't like doing housework so I put it off until it's really necessary. Which usually means someone is coming over and I don't want to be embarrassed by having them come inside and trip over things.

I am sitting here looking at my list and thinking of the many more things I am addicted to that I could add to the list, but let's not go there. Because I am realizing, that although I have taken the first step and addmitted there is a problem.... I'm not really going to do anything about it. I haven't hit that "willing to change" phase yet I guess. In fact, I think I am going to go pop some popcorn, pour an ice cold diet coke and check my phone for some games to play.

Then I'm going shopping.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Me?

Now before you shake your head at my cynisism, I think I should explain my blog post title. Do not worry. I have not become one of those people who finds and dwells on all the negativity in my life. This isn't about that at all. In fact, I promise not to waste your time ranting and raving about any of my hardships. No ranting, but no guarantees on the raving part.
Have you ever had a moment of clarity that left you feeling very humbled and super grateful? I had one today. I don't know why it happened today. It sort of came out of nowhere, but suddenly I had thoughts just pop into my head that made me feel so....blessed. I just had to capture that feeling and share it with you. So please indulge me a very sincere, but somewhat sappy moment on my blog.
In my moment of clarity I have been made very award that I have been so incredibly blessed with the people I have in my life!! I do not know what I did to deserve it. Thus the question, WHY ME? Why am I so lucky to have such wonderful parents who teach me by example how to have unbelievable faith and resolve to be righteous? Why do I have the best siblings in the world? The kind that make you laugh uncontrollably when you are together and make you feel loved even when you aren't together? Why do I get to have the best husband on the planet? (Sorry ladies, I really did get the best one!) I get treated like a queen everyday, even when I may not deserve it. He is truly my best friend and I would rather be with him then any one. How did I get blessed with such healthy, smart, beautiful children who just keep getting better with age !!! :) Why did I get to meet and become friends with some of the most inspirational, fun, positive and amazing people on the earth? Really??? Why am I so blessed?
I have no answer to that. I don't need one. I will just enjoy my moment of clarity, thank my Heavenly Father for all of you, and hope that I can continue to enjoy such a blessing in my life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I feel old

My oldeset is 10 (and so very pre-teen) and my baby is 5 now. I AM SOO OLD! When did this happen? I don't remember going from young fresh new mom to middle aged mother of three. How did that sneak up on me like that? I am now the age of those women who taught me when I was a teenager and I remember thinking that they were just so old. I am the age my mom was when she had her 7th kid and she seemed so much older than I am now. I can't stay up past 11:00 p.m. without really feeling it the next day. I HAVE TO WATCH THE WEATHER EVERY NIGHT! I am that old lady! I don't do spur of the moment anymore (except when my friend Karlene makes me :) I have found 5 gray hairs so far and there is no doubt that I have started to get those wrinkles around my eyes. This is a little scary to me people!! I'm not sure I am ready to be in this phase of my life yet.
But I guess I really have no choice. I'm here. And I guess if I look back at the last 10 years of my life and what brought me here, I have accomplished alot to be proud of. I personally think I've got some great kids and I am going to take a little credit for that. My husband is a wonderful person ( I take no credit for that. That was all Craig and Kristine Ritchie), but I did support him through law school, 2 job changes and 7 moves. All of that has shaped me and helped me get to this point in my life. And I have discovered that as a grown woman and am good with young kids, pretty good at home improvement projects, I can find my way around a tool box, and I can decorate the heck out of a home. I also have discovered that I am pretty capable of handling most stressful situations with maturity. I suppose all of that comes with getting old. So I guess I'll take it. I AM OLD AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My love/hate Relationship With Summer

Every summer I go through this. My mind switches back and forth as to whether or not I like summertime. So many things to like, so many things to dislike. Let me show you what I mean.

What I like:
1. Not having to get up so early to get the kids to school on time.
When school is in session I have to get up at 5:50 in order to get to the gym before they need to get up to get ready for school. When there is no school, I can sleep at least an extra hour. It's precious to me.

2. Spending more time with the kids.
It's fun to have time to go do things like the park, baseball games, swimming, vacations all that stuff.

3. Twilight
No, not the movie or books! Evenings in Idaho in the summer are wonderful! It feels good to be outside, it smells good, it's usually peaceful.

4. Cookouts
Summer is the perfect time to have hotdog roasts, or bbqs or just having people over for a potluck. You can be outside to enjoy the food and the kids can play and it's just an overall good time.

5. Backyard Movie nights
This is a discovery from last year. We don't need the drive-in (although it always fun to do that too). We just have it in our own in the backyard and it's so much fun!

6. Yard Sales!
I love to go to yard sales. There is just something about going to find items you need (or not so much) at such great prices in the early morning hours that I just LOVE!

7. Family
It just seems like summer is the time to see family. Wouldn't you agree?

What I Dislike:
1. Heat
I hate to be hot. I'm okay as long as the temp's stay below 85, but anything hotter than that and I become a crabby, sweaty, monster woman. I hate it when you hit that time when it's really hot in the day and then it never really cools off at night. It just zaps my energy.

2. Spending more time with my kids
No, it's not a misprint. It's also in the "likes". I do like to spend more time with my kids, but I just get to the point every summer where I want my life back. I want to be able to go somewhere and not have 3 little shadows. I'd like to have some time in the day where I don't have to hear the bickering because they are sick of each other. I'd like to go to the dang grocery store to get a gallon of milk and not have to say 500 times no we aren't getting that!! (Okay, deep breath. I'm fine)

Summers just get a little out of control sometimes with the baseball games, the family reunions, the bbqs, the swimming lessons, the get-togethers that seem to happen every week. They are all fun, good, things, but they keep my life BUSY!

4. Ben's job
Don't get me wrong. I actually love Ben's job. He works for a great firm, with great people, and loves what he does. But he is the busiest in July. We don't see much of him. He's gone for 12 hours a day sometimes. It get's pretty hard after awhile. I always know that it will end so we just deal with it, but it's still part of why I dislike the summer. I'm a single mom for a month.

5. "I'm Bored"
I reeeeally hate those words. All those mom's out there know that that sentence is almost like cussing. You're WHAT!! It's summer! Go outside and play! Ride you bike, go to your friends house, read, whatever, but don't tell me you are bored. I think the kids get out of school and don't have a clue how to entertain themselves and then it's supposed to be my job to keep them happy. I can only do so much you know. Please summer end so I can send these kids back to school!!

So looking back at the list, I guess the LIKES win after all. I guess I actually like summer more than I dislike it. I'll just have to remind myself of that when I'm running around town with my three little bickering, bored children sweating like a pig. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

When I was a kid and the school year was wrapping up and the weather turned warm, I'd wait in anticipation for the chance to do all those favorite things that just made it feel like summer. Sleepovers, swimming, snow cones, family reunions, endless hours outside. But I'd never say that baseball made that list . Not that I didn't have my opportunities to play. I was on the ward Young Women softball team. My family would go to a park on occasion and have a little game just for fun. But I wouldn't say athletics have ever been my strength or even all that enjoyable for me. In fact, many years later when I was first married to Ben he convinced me to join his co-ed softball team. He loves to tell the story of when I struck out on purpose so I could go home earlier. Is that really true you may ask. Yes. Yes it is.
But then something happened to make me put baseball on my list of favorite summer activities. My kids started to play. And now from the 1st of June to the 3rd week of July, our lives are pretty much run by baseball. And I love it. We are at games 4 days a week and we have practice 2 times a week. And as busy as it makes my life, I love it! I become such a proud mama as I watch my kids actually learn and understand the game (way more than me). I figured out that although I am horrible at playing baseball (or softball), I am a really good cheerleader!!! I can shout encouraging words and cheer for all their efforts to the point of embarrassing them. (What are moms for?!) So thanks Darcy and Max (and next year Eliza) for making me love baseball!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Some families like to go camping. Some visit historical sites. Some like to visit family when they go on vacation. What do we do? We go to Disneyland!!

About 6 years ago we took our first vacation to Disneyland. My Cooper family had planned a trip to California to see my oldest nephew be baptized and then go to Disneyland for a day. We decided to join in the fun. At that time Darcy was 4 and Max was 18 months. I wasn't sure how much fun we would have with our kids being so young, but we did it anyway. It took about 10 minutes inside the gates for me to realize why Disneyland can claim to be the happiest place on earth. It is beautiful, magical and every detail has been thought of to make this place amazing. The staff working there are happy, friendly and call your girls "princess" and your boys "prince." The rides are fun for both kids and adults. They've even made waiting in line entertaining!! This is a place that caters to parents and young children. Not many places do that. It' s one of the few places you can go as a family and everyone is happy. We've now been back every year since that first trip and I can honestly say it get better every time. Hello, my name is Holli and I am a Disneyland addict.