Friday, June 3, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Some families like to go camping. Some visit historical sites. Some like to visit family when they go on vacation. What do we do? We go to Disneyland!!

About 6 years ago we took our first vacation to Disneyland. My Cooper family had planned a trip to California to see my oldest nephew be baptized and then go to Disneyland for a day. We decided to join in the fun. At that time Darcy was 4 and Max was 18 months. I wasn't sure how much fun we would have with our kids being so young, but we did it anyway. It took about 10 minutes inside the gates for me to realize why Disneyland can claim to be the happiest place on earth. It is beautiful, magical and every detail has been thought of to make this place amazing. The staff working there are happy, friendly and call your girls "princess" and your boys "prince." The rides are fun for both kids and adults. They've even made waiting in line entertaining!! This is a place that caters to parents and young children. Not many places do that. It' s one of the few places you can go as a family and everyone is happy. We've now been back every year since that first trip and I can honestly say it get better every time. Hello, my name is Holli and I am a Disneyland addict.


brooke said...

That makes me wanna go back!

Steph said...

Love it! Can't wait to read more Ritchie blogging!