Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hey, it's Darcy! (:

Hey! (: I'm 'hacking' momma's account! Just wanted to say hi and apologize that she hasn't posted in a millennium. She probably won't notice. She's forgotten all about you guys! (I blame Instagram!)

Here's the update: 

I'm eleven years old, going into 7th grade. I'm also going into Young Women's on August 28. I got the Hope of America award during the school year, as well as a couple more *cough*. I graduated DARE and will be in the parade for it! I haven't been into sports as much anymore, though I tried volleyball during the school year. It was really, but I guess sports aren't really my thing. Speaking of sports...

Max is 9 years old, going into fourth grade. He finished the school year with amazing grades, thanks to his great teacher, Mrs. Berg. He is in the Cub Scouts program, as a bear. He really enjoys it. He just had his last baseball game of the season yesterday. His team, The Red Sox, did so well! They are a skilled bunch of kiddos! He's planning on doing football in the fall. He's going to have a great group of cheerleaders cheering very loudly for him. Speaking of loud... 

Eliza is 6 years old, going into first grade. Kindergarten taught her a lot about behaving, but she's still very talkative. She enjoys dancing, singing, and pretending. It's quite amusing, actually. She'll be doing swimming this year and dancing during the school year, which will be quite the show! Based on the 'shows' I see from her, she's quite the dancer! She's still as crazy as ever and driving everyone else around her crazy too. 

Here's the scoop on the fam...

We recently moved into a new house, still in Idaho Falls. It's a nice house, and we were very excited to move! The house is bustling with the business of 4th of July week! Add a wedding shower, an actual wedding, a granddaughter party, and you've got one huge load of stuff going on! 

So, here's the update on our life from Darcy, since mother has been MIA. (Can't blame her, I told you how busy we were!) 

The Ritchie Clan 

And Holli and Ben! (I'm not allowed to take photos of them... pfft grownups) 

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brooke said...

Not going to lie...I miss you guys already!!